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Welcome to Value_way

Value_way is a DAO project that visualizes greenhouse gases and challenges the creation of a sustainable and transparent circular economy. We collaborate with government agencies and companies to work for a better future.

Proof of borderless

The global environment is expected to deteriorate by 2050 due to global warming, and one of the issues is that coffee production will be less than half of the current level. We are addressing this challenge as a start to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are changing the relationship between consumers and producers to create a world where people can enjoy coffee in a sustainable manner. Through Value_way, we will take concrete actions.

Project #01

Coffee grounds recycling

This project contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by recycling coffee grounds from stores and returning them to farmland. Currently, we are starting a demonstration experiment in Kobe City.
Project #01

Project #02

Coffee Journey

Coffee can only be grown in a limited area up to 25 degrees north and south latitude respectively, based on the equator. This project is to consolidate information and deepen knowledge about coffee grown in this area (coffee belt).
Project #02

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